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BreatheIO is Being Recognized for Stellar Service in BreatheIO in Punjab


Stellar Business would like to acknowledge BreatheIO for excellence in the category of BreatheIO within the region of Punjab.

This recognition was earned by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices. We would like to take this time to acknowledge them and award them with the Stellar Business Award for BreatheIO. After receiving hundreds of submissions to Stellar Business, BreatheIO has been chosen for their excellence.

Here is a little bit about BreatheIO:

Fresh Air is the best fuel for a happy and contented spirit. In the contemporary environment marred by pollution, air purification is the greatest challenge. But don’t worry, BreatheIO has designed a unique and portable air purifier to sooth and energize you anywhere by giving you the “natural experience” of freshness in every breath. Our product is guided by simplicity in function that can create an environment with a higher level of oxygen in your ambience to give the feel of health, cleanliness and pollutant free surroundings.

BreatheIO through its product and services is committed to help improve the wellbeing of people across multiple areas by making them relaxed, stress free, and healthy to enjoy a high quality of life. Our team of professionals include technicians, doctors, engineers and managers who contribute their knowledge and experience to make a healthy and positive difference in your lives. No doubt “Health is wealth”.

The Air Purifier, by creating an optimal balance of oxygen in any enclosed atmosphere, will clean up your lungs, improve heart rate, dilate veins, enrich blood for better circulation and detoxicate your body from contaminations.

The benefits of fresh air substantiated by research include:
Improved digestive system with increase flow of oxygen
Improved lung capacity and dilation of arteries to release toxins from the body
Strengthening of immune system
Improved serotonin level to make you fresh, happy and stress free

Our product can remove particles up to 0.3 microns and even traps tobacco particles to obviate many health hazards. In our modern environment, especially in urban regions, Sulphur dioxide, CO2, asbestos and charcoal trigger high rates of allergies and respiratory problems The Air purifier of BreatheIO is one of the most counteractive measures to reduce the flow of outside and inside pollution. It has been proven without a doubt that air purifiers reduce the potential harmful effects of pollution by removing dust particles, smoke, allergens and any other contaminants. It helps to fight asthma and many other respiratory diseases. With BreathIO, you wake up fresh, work with energy and enjoy more restful sleep.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Congratulations, BreatheIO, on your outstanding achievements in business. Thank you for providing jobs in Punjab and setting a great example for small businesses everywhere. Keep up the excellent work.

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When was this company founded?

3-5 years ago

Information provided by Muhammad BIlal, CEO / Founder

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