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Deepshikha Sairam Best Business Coach in Livingston, NJ


Stellar Business would like to acknowledge Deepshikha Sairam for excellence in the category of Business Coach within the region of Livingston, NJ.

This recognition was earned by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices. We would like to take this time to acknowledge them and award them with the Stellar Business Award for Business Coach. After receiving hundreds of submissions to Stellar Business, Deepshikha Sairam has been chosen for its excellence.

Here is a little bit about Deepshikha Sairam: helps online coaches & service-based business owners leverage their unique gifts and match them with curated Business Strategies for a thriving business that makes money, creates impact, and fosters its Legacy.

Deepshikha is a speaker, writer, and spiritual mentor to high-achieving women entrepreneurs, helping them get beyond the noise of their inner chatter into their highest self-expression.

She is a divine feminine priestess from the ancient Egyptian Lineage (Goddess Isis is my home girl) who can rock Valentino Heels, a nerd about the latest episode of Stranger Things, and guide you into your highest potential – – all at the same time!

She created The Path to Self Mastery™, a self-discovery process rooted in the intersection of Mind-Body Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Spiritual Tools to help women overcome their self-doubt and silence their inner critics for good!

Congratulations, Deepshikha Sairam, on your outstanding achievements in business. Thank you for providing jobs in Livingston, NJ and setting a great example for small businesses everywhere. Keep up the excellent work.

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3-5 years ago

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