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“Fight for the White House” by ORE System named Best Political Parody Gaming App of 2022


In 2022, ORE System relaunched its “Fight for” franchise by updating the 2020 game entitled “Fight for the White House.” The free mobile game app takes a novel approach to political contests by allowing gamers to pit candidates against one another in battles reminiscent of the “Mortal Kombat” video game series.

“Who can forget the 2020 election?” asks Nick Donarski, CTO and Co-Founder of ORE System. “What some viewed as a joke, I saw as an opportunity. The candidates’ mudslinging and the voter’s vitriol inspired me to create and launch the ‘Fight For’ franchise.”

The team at ORE, along with Donarski, designed whimsical caricatures of that year’s most controversial candidates and let them battle it out in the app. Rather than facing off in stuffy debates, the app allows political opponents to fight for control with hilarious superpowers like Trump’s deadly dollar signs and Pence’s flaming crosses.

“No one is happy with that election’s results,” recalls Donarski. “Instead of listening to voters grumble for four years, we gave them a chance to put a new champion in the White House.”

ORE System achieves excellence 

Today, we congratulate ORE System for winning our 2022 Stellar Business Award for the “Best Political Parody Gaming App.” We reviewed several outstanding contenders, but “Fight for the White House” emerged as the clear winner. ORE’s game rises above political stances, allowing voters to release steam and share a good laugh. 

Donarski intends to update the award-winning app with new characters, new fight tactics, and new scenarios. In upcoming releases, gamers can expect to “Fight for the White House” of 2024, and even worldwide domination.

Gamers can download the original version of “Fight for the White House” free on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. ORE is already licensed to take the game to Xbox and Play Station platforms.

Nick Donarski and the ORE team have given gamers a fun and completely free way to unleash pent-up political frustration. The game may be a parody, but it involves serious tech from a team of premier blockchain solution builders. 

ORE will continue to provide blockchain solutions for developers and enhancements that keep it on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology helping businesses unlock their potential and connect customers. However, as Donarski acknowledges, “We entered the tech space as video game designers, moved into blockchain solutions, then came back to gaming,” recalls Donarski. “That’s where we started, and we think it’s where we belong.”

“Fight for the White House” is the best political parody gaming app of 2022

We congratulate “Fight for the White House” for winning this Stellar Business Award in Political Parody Gaming and eagerly await upcoming releases from ORE System and its creative team. Link below:

Contact: Nick Donarski, Co-Founder/CTO