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How AllerPops Bring Relief to Allergy Sufferers


AllerPops nourishes probiotics to cure the root cause behind allergies. For millions of people, allergies go beyond seasonal annoyance. In fact, they are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States and cost Americans over $18 billion each year. In total, 50 million people in the United States deal with congestion and respiratory distress due to allergies. 

Until recently, people diagnosed with allergies only had two options for treatment. The first was to attempt to eliminate or decrease their exposure to the allergens that trigger their symptoms. But in the case of airborne irritants from sources such as dust mites, animal dander, cockroaches, and mold spores, avoidance is typically a losing battle. The only option that remained was regular medication and allergy shots.

Today, however, an all-new treatment brings new hope to millions — an entirely natural prebiotic that promises long-lasting relief. This ground-breaking cure comes in the unlikely form of a lollypop that delivers beneficial oral probiotics to people’s mouths and nasal passages, right where they are needed. When AllerPops bolster the good bacteria in people’s mouths and airways, they support a balanced immune system and calm immune responses like sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, headaches, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, arthritis, and aching muscles.

How AllerPops found their way to the allergy relief market

Dr. Cliff Shunsheng Han is a physician, biologist, and the inventor of AllerPops. Before bringing his treatment to the market, he was a long-time sufferer of severe allergic rhinitis. When he saw his son begin to struggle with life-altering allergic symptoms, as well, Dr. Han knew it was time to take action. He took his allergy problem to the lab and embarked on a three-year, life-changing journey that ended in the discovery of an altogether new solution for his family. 

“My breakthrough came when I discovered that our allergic responses decrease when we maintain a healthy population of good bacteria in our mouth,” Dr. Han says. “We need these probiotics in our mouth and airways to regulate our body’s immune response to the airborne triggers all around us. This simple cure has brought incredible relief to my family, and that is why I am committed to sharing it with allergy sufferers worldwide.”

Dr. Han’s research revealed that the probiotics in people’s mouths and airways can be depleted for a variety of reasons. Most often, this population of beneficial bacteria is harmed by an overly aggressive approach to oral hygiene. When the population of beneficial bacteria weakens, it cannot do its job and protect people from airborne allergens. Dr. Han developed a lollypop composed of all-natural ingredients specifically designed to replenish these probiotics.

“We all need an abundant supply of these good bacteria in our mouth and nasal passages,” explains Dr. Han. “They stand guard against the airborne allergens we take in with every breath, easing allergic symptoms and respiratory distress. When our population of good bacteria dwindles, AllerPops can give it the boost it needs to rebound.”

In an age that relies on an increasing number of prescriptions for drugs and medications, it is comforting to learn that AllerPops contain neither drugs nor chemicals. Rather, they are composed entirely of all-natural FDA-approved food ingredients. As such, they cause no harmful side effects whatsoever.

Clinical proof that AllerPops relieve allergy symptoms

Dr. Han drew upon his nearly 30 years of biomedical research into the DNA structure of probiotics to create his patented formula. To date, the results have been extremely promising. An independent clinical trial and over 10,000 individual user experiences demonstrate that allergy sufferers achieve long-term respiratory relief from nasal and sinus congestion and bronchitis after short-term use of AllerPops. 

According to customer feedback, 94.5% of allergy sufferers experienced decreased nasal congestion, 89.5% experienced decreased nasal discharge or sneezing, 86% experienced decreased watery/red eyes, 81.3% experienced decreased headaches, and 80% experienced decreased sore throat. Moreover, 76.5% of respondents experienced decreased wheezing/asthma, 73.9% experienced decreased coughing, 69.2% experienced decreased eczema, and 53.3% experienced decreased arthritis/muscle aching.

Unlike an allergy shot, no one seems to mind an allergy treatment involving a lollypop. Fortunately, the all-natural ingredients that supply beneficial bacteria with the nourishment they need also taste good. 

“It’s simple,” explains Dr. Han. “Just suck on an AllerPop for an hour every other day. When your symptoms abate, you can stop using AllerPops. The pops leave you with billions of beneficial bacteria that will balance your immune system for months and even years.”

Once allergy symptoms disappear, the only thing left for people to do is maintain the body’s healthy level of beneficial bacteria. “The most frequent cause of weakened probiotics is excessive oral hygiene,” remarks Dr. Han. “I recommend brushing and flossing once a day. We are developing prebiotic toothpaste and mouthwash tablets to to help the bacteria thrive after cleaning.”

Unlike so many allergy medications and treatments on the market today, AllerPops don’t merely mask symptoms. Their organic and all-natural ingredients nourish probiotics to cure the root cause behind allergies.