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KZX Engine is Being Recognized for Stellar Service in Creative Technology in Los Angeles, CA


Stellar Business would like to acknowledge KZX Engine for excellence in the category of Creative Technology within the region of Los Angeles, CA.

This recognition was earned by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices. We would like to take this time to acknowledge them and award them with the Stellar Business Award for Creative Technology. After receiving hundreds of submissions to Stellar Business, KZX Engine has been chosen for its excellence.

Here is a little bit about KZX Engine:

KZX Engine is a 3D game engine created by Grand Dog Studio. KZX Engine is software made with great passion and love for the game industry, Both made for educational use and for production, KZX Engine is primarily made for new ways for game developers to build their games.

The KZX Engine started its development way back in 2014 and has been worked on ever since, the KZX Engine won a New York Technology award and an Epic Games mega grant, the KZX Engine is currently a closed source game engine with a proprietary software license, you can see our license here. The KZX engine was completely made with the powerful C++ programming language and with OpenGL as its graphical rendering framework. KZX Engine is only available on windows and only supports windows build export.

Congratulations, KZX Engine, on your outstanding achievements in business. Thank you for providing jobs in Los Angeles and setting a great example for small businesses everywhere. Keep up the excellent work.

Check out KZX Engine below:
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When was this company founded?

6-10 years ago

Information provided by Sander Kerkhoff, CEO / Founder

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