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LPJ Legal is Being Recognized for Stellar Service in Law in Licensed in Washington, DC


Stellar Business would like to acknowledge LPJ Legal for excellence in the category of Law within the region of Licensed in Washington, DC.

This recognition was earned by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices. We would like to take this time to acknowledge them and award them with the Stellar Business Award for Law. After receiving hundreds of submissions to Stellar Business, LPJ Legal has been chosen for their excellence.

Here is a little bit about LPJ Legal:

LPJ Legal counsels business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. We integrate into the team by serving as outside general counsel to achieve business goals. LPJ legal represents buyers, purchasers, homeowners, and contractors in all legal matters real property related.

LPJ Legal PLLC provides reasonable, and fair fees.  We have flat fee and by the hour rates available.  For each client and matter, a retainer agreement is drafted. The retainer provides a detail explanation of the legal services we will provide, expectations of the client, payment amount and due dates.  You will receive a bill, monthly with charges and fees pull from your retainer. You will have access to the bill and other important documents, via Clio, our online practice management platform.

At LPJ Legal PLLC we provide 30-minute consultations for $75. During your consultation, we identify your business plans. Once the plans are identified, I explain how the law applies at each level.  Including your business formation needs, intellectual property needs, contract needs, and any other legal solutions needed to run your business effectively and advance your goals.

Congratulations, LPJ Legal, on your outstanding achievements in business. Thank you for providing jobs in Licensed in Washington, DC and setting a great example for small businesses everywhere. Keep up the excellent work.

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When was this company founded?

3-5 years ago

Information provided by Lucrecia Johnson, CEO / Founder

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