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Mr. Vivek Dubey is Recognized in Innovation and Fintech in Wales, UK


Stellar Business would like to acknowledge Mr. Vivek Dubey for excellence in the category of Innovation and Fintech within the region of Wales, UK.

This recognition was earned by displaying impressive levels of integrity, ethics, and value to the community in their everyday business practices. We would like to take this time to acknowledge them and award them with the Stellar Business Award for Innovation and Fintech. After receiving hundreds of submissions to Stellar Business, Mr. Vivek Dubey has been chosen for his excellence.

Here is a little bit about Mr. Vivek Dubey:

Vivek Dubey is an industry leader in Innovation and Fintech Space with social causes. Vivek works as a Senior Manager and Account Innovation Leader for Capgemini U.K. Innovative people think beyond the recent problem and find better ways to erase difficulties that might come in the future as well. As an innovator & leader in Fintech creating social impact, Vivek Dubey reminds us of the social responsibilities and the need for real change.
Vivek coined the term PanConTech. What is PanConTech? PanConTech means executing an exclusive technology stack to control pandemics like COVID-19. This means blending AI, ML, Internet of Everything, RPA, Autonomous Driving, and Virtual Assistance (Bots, Robots, Humanoid to work instead of human beings) in all areas like Customer Communication, Health Care, City Administration, Police, Robotic Process Automation, Water Supply, Electricity, and FinTech. The PanConTech further includes getting alerts on Smart Phones and connected accessories like Smart Speakers at home or office or vehicles. All autonomous AI-driven components No-Human involvement yet providing a secure environment in the state of Quarantine
This is a need of an hour, in a world that is dominated by drones and biological weapons Pandemics (such as the spread of COVID-19) has to be controlled and the quarantine process needs to be executed very carefully with full responsibility. Thus PanConTech – Pandemic Control Technology is required.

Vivek has received a couple of patent grant that detects and controls the spread of Pandemics through a New-Age Technology stack – Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Holographic techniques, and more

Vivek is an Innovation and Fintech Leader in the true sense.

Congratulations, Mr. Vivek Dubey, on your outstanding achievements in business. Thank you for setting a great example in the field of innovation with a social cause. Keep up the excellent work.

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