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PKR (PKRecruiting) Recognized for Outstanding Recruiting Practices in PA


PKRecruiting is a highly effective talent attraction solution unlike others in the industry. The firm’s founder and CEO, Kelly Robinson, provides her Next Level Hiring(™)  framework and sourcing expertise to empower organizations to attract top talent. Her team’s innovative approach to hiring leaves clients with a highly effective, low cost, predictable model  saving them time and resources for years to come.

Kelly Robinson falls into her passion for recruiting

Robinson founded PKRecruiting in 2019 but has been involved in professional recruiting since 1998. After college, she was initially unsure of how to find a job. When her parents gave her two months to live at home to either find work or join the army, Robinson approached a staffing company for help at her father’s suggestion. 

Her first assignment was a contract position as an assistant recruiter. That first job blossomed into a lifelong passion.

After serving as a managing partner to a multi-million-dollar recruiting firm, Robinson founded her own company. “I bring decades of experience to the table,” she says. “In addition to recruiting, I have a passion for coaching and training recruiting professionals. When you work with us, you will learn the hiring and retention strategies that help companies succeed in this digital era of work.” Robinson has already grown her firm into a multi-million-dollar firm in less than 4 years.

PKRecruiting offers recruiting services with a personal touch

PKR connects employers with top talent by building meaningful relationships. Customer and candidate experience are at the heart of their services. The team at PKR is experienced in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and collaborates with employers and human resources departments to bring valuable hiring insights and skilled assistance to their clients.

“At PKR, we believe the people you hire and the process by which you hire them are equally critical,” says Robinson. “We dedicate ourselves to helping you search for top talent as well as developing a highly effective recruiting process that focuses on the candidate experience at every stage of the recruiting process.”


Under her leadership, the team at PKR is growing at a phenomenal rate, and the company hit seven figures within its first two years in business amidst a global pandemic. PKR started from scratch, but Robinson built her team and client base and went above and beyond in serving clients’ needs, which shows in the company’s shining reviews. For these reasons, we are thrilled to congratulate the PKR team for winning this Stellar Business Award for outstanding recruiting practices in PA.

Contact: Kelly Robinson

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