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SamBoat Awarded for Best Platform for Boat Rental and Yacht Charter Worldwide


There are many who have dreamed of sailing the high seas or cruising their local lakes and rivers, but haven’t gone so far as to purchase their own boat. SamBoat has entered the market to give people the opportunity to rent a chartered yacht, great for a variety of events or excursions. 

With a simple online process, SamBoat allows anyone who wishes to hit the waves to book a fully-chartered boat. “Renting a boat has never been easier,” says Robert Harrington, SamBoat’s US Country Manager. “It’s now just as easy as booking yourself an Uber or Lyft. It’s very much like Airbnb, except instead of renting a home, you would be renting a boat or yacht.”

Now, this premiere boat rental service has earned the award for Best Platform for Boat Rental and Yacht Charter Worldwide from Stellar Business Awards. 

Award Winning Boat Rental Services 

With rentals that last anywhere from a couple of hours to even a few days to months, SamBoat wants everyone to have access to fun on the water. Their website is easy to use and even gives renters the ability to hire a crew to help them skipper their chosen boat. 

Renters can sort their searches on the website by most recommended to least to most expensive. Each listing gives an in-depth description of the particular chosen boat, from age to size to additional features like Bluetooth audio to kitchens. 

Boat owners can even take advantage of the service by offering their boats and yachts up for rental. The service also opens up opportunities for those who own yachts. “Boat owners can make money by offering their boats for rent through our platform,” Harrington explains. “This can help offset costs while you’re not utilizing the boat yourself. Otherwise, you can turn your boat into a full-time money-making operation.”

Stellar Business Awards wants to congratulate SamBoat on earning the Award for Best Platform for Boat Rental and Yacht Charter Worldwide. To confirm that SamBoat is the winner of this award from Stellar Business, we have made the following announcements: 

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We encourage you to visit our award winner’s business website to learn more about how they can help you with renting the boat of your dreams. Link below:
Contact: Robert Harrington, US Country Manager