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SCALE Healthcare Receives Award for Best Online Health Education Platform

SCALE Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a behemoth that encompasses elements of financial, technological, educational, and social considerations. Setting out to improve modern healthcare and help organizations modernize processes, scale, and educate is a lofty goal. It is a goal that New York-based SCALE Healthcare has taken on, setting out to help healthcare organizations stay up-to-date with modern technology, processes, and, especially, education resources. Their SCALE Education Platform has been lauded by Stellar Business as the Best Online Health Education Platform.

A collaborative approach  

SCALE Healthcare has taken a collaborative approach to the continuing education conundrum. By partnering with medical personnel in creating an accessible training and education platform, SCALE has been able to fill in gaps presented in the medical education space. 

SCALE boasts highly relevant and timely information in its education platform. This information is exactly what is needed by management teams to continue to build their organization’s processes in the most up-to-date manner possible, something that can often be challenging for busy managers. 

Founded to help scale 

Founded in 2019, SCALE Healthcare’s primary aim is right in its name — helping healthcare businesses scale and thrive. Educational support is only one aspect of the multifaceted SCALE platform. Other areas of service that SCALE provides include market dynamics, performance assessments, and mergers and acquisitions. Each discipline in which SCALE Healthcare offers consultation is specially formulated by industry experts. 

According to Bejarano, the healthcare industry is in a unique position to provide valuable educational resources to medical personnel. He affirms that healthcare managers are well equipped to unearth, organize, and share practical lessons and tangible strategies that have the potential to improve overall patient care.

Data is one of the key drivers in education within the healthcare field. By analyzing data, SCALE helps its clients pinpoint relevant topics for education dissemination and help managers best guide their employees to the most applicable lessons available. 

Bejarano and his team at SCALE Healthcare know that the healthcare industry can improve education for medical personnel. When education and training are relevant, insightful, and delivered efficiently, it becomes far easier for medical personnel to see education as an empowering resource. Healthcare organizations that are able to provide that education can elevate the performance of healthcare operations.

It may seem like the goalposts for success in the healthcare industry are being consistently moved. Turning to expert guidance and consultation like SCALE healthcare provides can be just what a healthcare organization needs to push through barriers to growth and build the best possible service for their patients and their employees. 

SCALE Healthcare is the best online health education platform 

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Contact: Roy Bejarano, CEO / Co-Founder