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The Life Coach School Receives Award for “Best Online Coaching Program”

The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo, founder of the Life Coach School, set out to create the Ivy League School of life coaches. The school offers two programs: the Self-Coaching Scholars program, in which students achieve personal transformation; and the Coach Certification program, where they use that growth to impact the world around them.

From therapist to life coach

Castillo embarked on her career with a degree in psychology and a dream to become a therapist but quickly entered weight loss coaching. As she helped hundreds understand the emotional reasons behind overeating, she started to understand the mind better than ever before. 

The revolutionary self-coaching model that is the school’s foundation came to Castillo in a rare moment of inspiration. “I realized that each of our thoughts is spurred by a neutral circumstance. Thoughts create feelings, feelings drive actions, and actions create results. After years of studying those things individually, I finally grasped how they work together to shape our world.” 

That simple framework empowered Castillo to overcome personal challenges and to help others as well. When clients began asking her to train them in the model, the Life Coach School was born.

The Life Coach School’s certification program

Castillo continues to coach clients to achieve personal transformation in the Life Coach School’s Self-Coaching Scholars program, but the second piece of her practice involves certifying life coaches to help other people. This certification program equips students to use Castillo’s framework and coaching tools to coach clients in any area. 

An online format allows students to work from home and proceed at their own pace. Upon certification, life coaches have everything they need to begin their coaching careers and continuing support from the school’s alumni community. 

“So many of my clients better their lives only to find they have a profound desire to help others do the same,” observes Castillo. “As we coach ourselves, grow, and evolve, it is natural to want to share with the people around us. At the Life Coach School, we enable people to develop their own solid foundation and then to impact the world around them.”


Under Castillo’s leadership, the Life Coach School has flourished with thousands of the industry’s top Life Coaches from around the world becoming certified through her program. In fact, this woman-led business now employs over 30 people, provides industry-leading benefits, and has reached $50M in annual revenue in 2022, with plans to rapidly scale in the coming years. We congratulate them for winning this Stellar Business Award in Best Online Education for life coach certification.

The Life Coach School sets the standard for life coaching

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