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BLK + BRWN Market Wins Best Hospitality in United States

BLK + BRWN Market logo: Christine Griffith

Why BLK + BRWN Market Was Selected as the Winner

After careful review, we have chosen BLK + BRWN Market and its founder, Christine Griffith, as the recipients of this year’s Stellar Business Award. The company’s unique coworking ecosystem, technologically driven haven, and creatively connected hub have made it a go-to destination for thinkers, dreamers, and innovators. Christine’s dynamic force in the media and fashion industries, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, has led to the creation of a business that is not just a business, but a movement. Her commitment to fostering inclusive and meaningful spaces, particularly in communities of color, is truly commendable. The foundational pillars of culture, community, and collaboration that BLK + BRWN Market is built upon align perfectly with the values we uphold at the Stellar Business Awards. We believe that Christine’s journey is a testament to her adaptability, foresight, and unwavering commitment to making a tangible impact.

They displayed all of the qualities that we at Stellar Business look for when determining excellence. These qualities include outstanding growth, service to their community, and excellent business practices. We determined that they excel in these criteria as the top Hospitality in United States.

About BLK + BRWN Market

BLK BRWN Market brings together a…

Unique coworking ecosystem
Superconnected, inclusive community
Cutting-edge technologically driven haven
Space for physical and virtual productions
Uniquely designed retail & micro-retail destination
Creatively connected hub
Go-to destination for thinkers, dreamers and makers, innovators and leaders…

…and so much more that is all rooted in our northstar, to “Gather on purpose” and supported by our foundational pillars of culture, community and collaboration.

Today, we congratulate BLK + BRWN Market for winning this years annual Stellar Business Award for Hospitality in United States. Our selection committee reviewed several outstanding companies for this award, and we decided unanimously that they are the official winners.

Competition in Hospitality

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– The Creative Exchange
– The Creative Collective
– The Creative Hub
– The Creative Loft
– The Creative Workspace
– The Creative Connection
– The Creative Studio
– The Creative Spot
– The Creative Co-op

BLK + BRWN Market Reviews

Our team at Stellar Business reviews companies based on several factors, including online reviews, the ability to deliver results, interactions with leadership, and more. Based on these metrics, we then create a weighted overall score.

When giving reviews, we interviewed Christine Griffith about their success in the United States area. We also looked at what their customers were saying on Google and other trusted review sites. Because BLK + BRWN Market maintains consistently stellar reviews, they received strong consideration for this award.

Best Business Consulting in United States

BLK + BRWN Market quickly became our strongest applicants in United States. They displayed excellent customer service, an ability to deliver, and maintain high reviews in their community. So, Stellar Business would like to endorse them as the top Hospitality in United States. We believe that their outstanding ability to serve their clients in United States makes them a long-time favorite provider.

Christine Griffith Recognized as Founder of BLK + BRWN Market

It is a pleasure to introduce Christine, a dynamic force in the media and fashion industries whose journey began with a bold move from Phoenix, Arizona, to the bustling streets of Chicago in 2003. With aspirations of immersing herself in a milieu rich in diversity, culture, and boundless opportunities, Christine’s ambitions found fertile ground in the Windy City.

A proud alumna of the Art Institute, where she honed her creative and academic prowess, Christine’s path led her to the vibrant energy of New York City. There, she embarked on an illustrious internship with Condé Nast, specifically under the wing of Jane Magazine. Her responsibilities on the SXSW and Coca-Cola accounts were not merely roles but stepping stones that nurtured her burgeoning love for media and fashion.

This pivotal chapter in Christine’s career opened doors to illustrious opportunities across renowned media powerhouses such as O Magazine and Time Out. For over a decade, she navigated the realms of advertising and marketing with unparalleled expertise, specializing in brand partnerships that spanned diverse sectors—from fashion and beauty to tourism, dining, and family.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Christine’s entrepreneurial spirit came to the forefront in 2018. She channeled her passion for creative spaces and retail into founding The Brown Girl Project, recently rebranded as BLK + BRWN Market. This venture, born out of her deep-seated desire to make a tangible impact, particularly in communities of color, gained momentum during the pandemic. Christine identified and adeptly addressed a significant market need, laying the foundation for BLK + BRWN Market to become not just a business, but a movement—a rallying call to #gatheronpurpose with intent and heart.

Christine’s journey is a testament to her adaptability, foresight, and unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive and meaningful spaces in the realms of media, fashion, and beyond.

Best Business Consulting in United States

To confirm them as the official winner of our Stellar Business Award for excellence in {text:39} in United States, we made the following announcements:

  • This public post on our website highlights them as the winner

  • A public announcement on our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook page 

  • Provided a physical certificate signed by our committee

  • Assured that there are no other winners for the category of Hospitality in United States

  • Sent a physical Stellar Business trophy to symbolize this award

We encourage you to visit our award winner’s business website to learn more about how they can help you with Hospitality in United States. Link below.

Contact: Christine Griffith

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