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High End Music Partners, LLC Wins Best Entertainment in Global

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Why High End Music Partners, LLC Was Selected as the Winner

After careful review, we have selected High End Music Partners, LLC, led by the esteemed Mr. Life D. Griffith, as the recipient of this year’s Stellar Business Award. The company’s commitment to providing advisory support, creative business strategies, and partnership opportunities to independent artists and small entertainment business startups is unparalleled. Mr. Griffith’s 30+ years of experience in the music industry, his proven track record of guiding the careers of international superstars, and his innovative marketing strategies that have led to over a dozen Grammy Awards and over $500 million in global receipts, are truly remarkable. Furthermore, his dedication to service-based leadership and improving the lives of his associates and clients, as well as his active involvement in his community, make him an exemplary business leader. His company, High End Music Partners, LLC, is a testament to his vision and leadership, and we are proud to recognize it with this award.

They displayed all of the qualities that we at Stellar Business look for when determining excellence. These qualities include outstanding growth, service to their community, and excellent business practices. We determined that they excel in these criteria as the top Entertainment in Global.

About High End Music Partners, LLC

High End Music Partners, provides advisory support, creative business strategies, and partnership opportunities to independent artists and small entertainment business startups.

Today, we congratulate High End Music Partners, LLC for winning this years annual Stellar Business Award for Entertainment in Global. Our selection committee reviewed several outstanding companies for this award, and we decided unanimously that they are the official winners.

Competition in Entertainment

– Music City Partners
– Creative Entertainment Solutions
– Indie Artist Advisors
– Small Business Entertainment Group
– Artist Development Co.
– Music Industry Consultants
– Entertainment Business Solutions
– Independent Artist Alliance
– Small Entertainment Enterprises
– Music Industry Partnerships

High End Music Partners, LLC Reviews

Our team at Stellar Business reviews companies based on several factors, including online reviews, the ability to deliver results, interactions with leadership, and more. Based on these metrics, we then create a weighted overall score.

When giving reviews, we interviewed Life D. Griffith,msm about their success in the Global area. We also looked at what their customers were saying on Google and other trusted review sites. Because High End Music Partners, LLC maintains consistently stellar reviews, they received strong consideration for this award.

Best Business Consulting in Global

High End Music Partners, LLC quickly became our strongest applicants in Global. They displayed excellent customer service, an ability to deliver, and maintain high reviews in their community. So, Stellar Business would like to endorse them as the top Entertainment in Global. We believe that their outstanding ability to serve their clients in Global makes them a long-time favorite provider.

Life D. Griffith,msm Recognized as CEO/FOUNDER of High End Music Partners, LLC

Mr. Life Griffith is a highly renowned and experienced veteran music industry executive. Throughout his 30+ years in the business, he has worked in virtually all areas of the music industry and has helped guide the careers of international superstars across all genres of popular music, from Erykah Badu, Chico Debarge, Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Lost Boyz, Heavy D, Snoop Dogg to Rakim. Through a versatile marketing and promotions strategy his clients have garnered more than a dozen Grammy Awards, sold more than one hundred million records, and generated over $500 million dollars in global receipts.

Born in Brooklyn from Belizean parents and raised in Queens, New York, Life’s music career began in 1989, working as an intern for Rush Artist Management headed by Hip-Hop moguls Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen. Quickly proving his ability to respond with results, he rose quickly through the ranks. In 1990, he moved to Los Angeles to join The Steven Rifkin Company as retail marketing manager. Life was an essential part in the growth of the company which ultimately lead to the creation of the Loud Records Label imprint. Shortly thereafter, A&M Records created their newest imprint Tuff Break Records and recruited Life as their National Director of Street Promotions.

During his decades of serving as an music executive, he held a variety of key executive positions including Director of Promotion/Tour support at Perspective Records/A&M Records, Assistant editor of Hip Hop & R&B music at Hits Magazine, Co Founder and Director of Promotions at Street Life/Scotti Bros Records, Founder of Real Life Promotions, National Director of Rap Music at Warner Bros Records, National Director of Promotions at Kedar Entertainment/Universal Records, Regional Manager East Coast at TVT Records and Senior manager of Urban Music and Artist Development at The

He now serves as Founder and CEO of (High End Music Partners, LLC) HEMP based in Atlanta, GA and specializes in consultation, creating strategic partnerships and curating special entertainment events. Life is personally committed to service-based leadership and improving the lives of his associates and clients. He is a tenacious leader in his community and is an active member of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, and the Music Icon and Legends/The Living Legends Foundation. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Leadership from the American College of Financial Services.

Best Business Consulting in Global

To confirm them as the official winner of our Stellar Business Award for excellence in {text:39} in Global, we made the following announcements:

  • This public post on our website highlights them as the winner

  • A public announcement on our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook page 

  • Provided a physical certificate signed by our committee

  • Assured that there are no other winners for the category of Entertainment in Global

  • Sent a physical Stellar Business trophy to symbolize this award

We encourage you to visit our award winner’s business website to learn more about how they can help you with Entertainment in Global. Link below.

Contact: Life D. Griffith,msm

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