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LSA Global Wins Best Business consulting in Global

LSA Global logo: Tris Brown

Why LSA Global Was Selected as the Winner

After careful review, we have selected LSA Global as the recipient of this year’s Stellar Business Award. The company, under the leadership of Tris Brown, has demonstrated exceptional performance in consulting, coaching, and training, helping high-growth companies align their culture and talent with their strategy. Tris Brown’s 30 years of experience and his passion for creating meaningful, impactful, and practical solutions have been instrumental in the company’s success. His ability to create focus and clarity from complex situations and challenging team dynamics in the areas of strategy, culture, and talent management is commendable. Furthermore, his commitment to making a measurable impact on his client’s business, ensuring clients succeed positionally and professionally, and not chasing money, fame, or ego, embodies the values we celebrate with the Stellar Business Award. His service on various boards and his philanthropic efforts further demonstrate his dedication to making a positive impact in the business world and beyond.

They displayed all of the qualities that we at Stellar Business look for when determining excellence. These qualities include outstanding growth, service to their community, and excellent business practices. We determined that they excel in these criteria as the top Business consulting in Global.

About LSA Global

LSA Global is the leading performance consulting, coaching, and training firm that helps high growth technology, services, and life-science companies create a competitive advantage by powerfully aligning their culture and talent with their strategy.

Today, we congratulate LSA Global for winning this years annual Stellar Business Award for Business consulting in Global. Our selection committee reviewed several outstanding companies for this award, and we decided unanimously that they are the official winners.

Competition in Business consulting

– AchieveGlobal
– The Ken Blanchard Companies
– The Table Group
– FranklinCovey
– The Predictive Index
– The Marcus Buckingham Company
– Korn Ferry
– Lee Hecht Harrison
– BlessingWhite
– Root Inc.

LSA Global Reviews

Our team at Stellar Business reviews companies based on several factors, including online reviews, the ability to deliver results, interactions with leadership, and more. Based on these metrics, we then create a weighted overall score.

When giving reviews, we interviewed Tris Brown about their success in the Global area. We also looked at what their customers were saying on Google and other trusted review sites. Because LSA Global maintains consistently stellar reviews, they received strong consideration for this award.

Best Business Consulting in Global

LSA Global quickly became our strongest applicants in Global. They displayed excellent customer service, an ability to deliver, and maintain high reviews in their community. So, Stellar Business would like to endorse them as the top Business consulting in Global. We believe that their outstanding ability to serve their clients in Global makes them a long-time favorite provider.

Tris Brown Recognized as CEO of LSA Global

Tris is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the company. He has over 30 years of consulting and management experience with executive teams. Other than family, skiing, mountain biking, and surfing, Tris is passionate about helping leaders to take their teams and companies to the next level through meaningful, impactful, and practical solutions for their unique situation.

Tris is known for his ability to create focus and clarity from complex situations and challenging team dynamics in the areas of:

Creating clear, believable, and implementable strategies with leadership teams who want to fire on all cylinders
Assessing and designing healthy, high performing, and aligned organizational cultures to lift people and business performance
Designing talent management strategies to attract, develop, engage, and retain top talent
Prior to joining LSA Global, he served as Vice President of Organizational Strategies and Human Resources at Proxicom, an e-business consulting and development company, where he ran Human Resources, Organizational Development, Recruiting, Training, and Internal Communications when the company grew from 50 employees to over 2,500 employees in three years and went public.

Previously he served as Chairman of the National Outward Bound Professional Committee and Director of Outward Bound Professional for the West Coast where he ran the corporate leadership training and consulting division for Fortune 1000 Corporations.

Prior to Outward Bound, Tris was a Manager for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Arthur Andersen’s Business Consulting Practice. At Andersen, he focused on Strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, and System Implementations for Fortune 1000 Corporations.

He is a frequent keynote speaker and earned a BS degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Finance and Marketing. He is also the steward of our corporate value of “We are client-centric and make a difference in the client’s business” which is characterized by making a measurable impact on our client’s business, ensuring clients succeed positionally and professionally, helping the client with what they need, not just what they want, and not chasing money, fame, or ego.

He currently serves on the Boards of Outward Bound California, ATD Sales Enablement, the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, and AARM – Advertising Audit & Risk Management.

Tris also raises money to fund cancer research through mountain bike racing with the Debshred Foundation and is a volunteer National Ski Patrol at Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows in Tahoe, CA, and is certified in Outdoor Emergency Care.

Best Business Consulting in Global

To confirm them as the official winner of our Stellar Business Award for excellence in {text:39} in Global, we made the following announcements:

  • This public post on our website highlights them as the winner

  • A public announcement on our LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook page 

  • Provided a physical certificate signed by our committee

  • Assured that there are no other winners for the category of Business consulting in Global

  • Sent a physical Stellar Business trophy to symbolize this award

We encourage you to visit our award winner’s business website to learn more about how they can help you with Business consulting in Global. Link below.

Contact: Tris Brown

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