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Women in Business Awards

Suppose you're an entrepreneur woman taking the first steps toward starting an enterprise. Gaining access to the right kind of support, networks, and guidance can help you confidently make the right decisions.


Many women consider self-employment a viable career choice and are opting to start their own companies.

You are accessing species-specific assistance to your needs and chatting with other women in different stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. As well as studying role models and working with a mentor will assist you in developing your business plan and determining ways to grow your business in the future.

  • How can women be an entrepreneur 

it is challenging for women in businesses to quantify and define. However, there is a consensus that women lead about 21 per cent of Scotland's 339,000 small to medium-sized companies, and males and females equally lead 22%. Males are nearly three times more likely to establish enterprises than women.

The under-representation of women in entrepreneurship is a global issue compared in high-income countries and other countries. Female rates of business ownership remain low. An estimate suggests that in more than 108,480 businesses, women's ownership of businesses is better than that of males. 

The contribution of female-led businesses in their contribution to the economy is significant. According to estimates, women-led companies contribute (at a minimum) PS5 billion in Gross Value added (GVA). If the rates of women-led companies were comparable to men's, it would translate to a 5.3 per cent increase in the size of the economy. There is a lot of desire and ambition for growth in the women-owned business sector. 

  • What are the chances of women being an entrepreneur?

There are many reasons the idea of starting a business can be attractive to women and offer the chance to build an exciting and rewarding career and the ability to manage finances. Running your own business requires you to learn new abilities across various fields.

Women can work part-time while establishing their businesses. It allows them to think about their business idea and reduce the risk of financial loss.

Some work on flexible schedules for their new venture. It will let them take care of their home or take on other obligations while getting their business up and running.

Women are becoming more prevalent and play a significant role in family-owned companies.

If you're considering self-employment, you must know that there's a lot of help available to female entrepreneurs.

  • Being a woman-owned business

A business's success requires a wide range of abilities and creating products or providing the service. You'll require to manage finances, marketing, administration, and legal issues. You may also need to manage hiring, health and safety issues, and other areas of particular concern.

Do not worry if you cannot manage all these responsibilities - very few people have the skills. The great thing is that each of these skills is attainable, and there are a variety of available classes. Sure of them have been specially designed for women.

Talking to other women who have successfully set up the business is beneficial. It is also possible to think about hiring an advisor.

Women in business awards: Information and assistance 

Networking is an excellent source of information and assistance. It can boost your brand's reputation and bring in new leads. You can also boost your company's performance and build your knowledge and abilities.

Successful female entrepreneurs usually possess particular traits in their personal lives and business-related skills. They typically have strong problem-solving skills and are highly motivated, imaginative as well as energetic, persistent, and willing to risk their lives.

However, even with these attributes, you must prepare for hiccups. Starting a business can be challenging, and things may not always go according to plan. However, with perseverance and an awareness of the potential issues, the business you start can be a success.

  • What do women think they require from business assistance?

There is an increasing amount of evidence highlighting the advantages that women can choose a more gender-focused approach.

Women claim they are happy by having the choice of a male or female advisor to their business—specifically, female-focused workshops or networking events designed for women.

The ability to learn from others initially or later during the journey to entrepreneurship is also essential. Many women see the lack of confidence as the biggest obstacle to their progress.