Warning Mitopdeal Scam Reported

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This is a report of potential unethical business activity by Mitopdeal at the website Mitopdeal.com. The following incident report was created anonymously by submission on our site.

I ordered a steam mop from Mitopdeal. I opened the box and it was immediately obvious that a used mop had been stuffed into the box, cord unwrapped, water still in the container, dirt on the mop head and in the holder of the water container. Most of the pieces crammed in the box.
I immediately followed the directions to either reply to the email or use the email the provided. I sent 6 pictures. No answer. I sent another email. And, a third.

The next day, I get a reply that sounded like they didn’t read any of the emails and told me to go to the chat. I’ve now sent at least 7 emails and, after waiting for 1/2 hour, someone came on the chat. Until they didn’t like my response. Here is the chat:

First, I’m very frustrated.
2:35 PM
Thanks for your message! We’ll be with you as soon as we can.

If you prefer not to wait, we’ll follow up via the contact info you provided.
Automated • 2:35 PM
You are making it virtually impossible to get answers. Your emails say to reply to the email or gives the email address.
2:36 PM
I’ve done that many times. Finally, I get a reply from Danny who says to come here. Here, it says you can reply to my email. Here is one of the emails I sent. I attached 6 photos.
The email says that if I have any questions to reply to the email or to [email protected]. I’ve done both. I am not techy and just went to the site and it says to give the information and you will reply in 2-3 days. I have all the information and images in the chain of emails I’ve sent so far.

The steam mop I purchased was obviously used.
2:37 PM
The steam mop I purchased was obviously used. It still had water drops in the container, had dirt on the mop pad and in the holder (all in the pictures) and was stuffed back into the box. It looked used out of the box. I have not even turned it on.

First, refund the money. Let me know how you want me to return it.

2:38 PM
i am so sorry about this can we please reship?
2:55 PM
I’m am so frustrated with mitopdeal. Please tell me how to return the used mop and refund my money.
2:56 PM
We dont want you to return and go through the headache we can send a new one free of chargew
2:57 PM
I would like my money refunded. The new one would not be free of charge. I’ve already paid you for the used one, with water in the container, stuffed into the box, dirty head included. Please refund my money.
Why would you send something like that in the first place?
2:58 PM
I sent the pictures in the email.
Emails! At least 6.
2:59 PM
Are you still here?
3:02 PM
3:11 PM
Is this your answer?
3:12 PM
I’ve taken screenshots of our conversation … just in case I need them for reference. Or, our lack of conversation now.
3:17 PM

I’ve begun posting this on different sites. I will continue as long as I’m sitting here.
3:38 PM

I’ve just looked up, http://consumer.FTC.gov which is a government site where I report you. Should that be my next step?
3:40 PM

If you refund my money, our discussion will be over. Please.
4:17 PM

MITOPDEALHi, we’re not currently online. So please send any info that will help us best assist you. We’ll respond as soon as we can via the contact information you provided.
Automated • 4:17 PM

4:17 PM

Mitopdeal Scam

We believe that Mitopdeal Mitopdeal is scamming users online or in person Online.

Please read the above incident report and make your best judgment on whether you should do business with Mitopdeal Mitopdeal.

Warning Mitopdeal Mitopdeal

Please be aware that this person and/or business has had a history of scamming or other illicit or unethical business practices.

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Mitopdeal Mitopdeal Website: Mitopdeal.com

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